The Libman Freedom Mop rocks!

I hate cleaning. Even more than that, I hate mopping.

So several years ago, I decided a Swiffer mop would make my life easier, with the pre-mixed chemicals and the pads that I could just throw out when finished because I was totally grossed out by my traditional mop sponge with all that filth staring back at me.

I was OK with the Swiffer, but to be honest, I didn’t really feel like it did a terrific of  job of cleaning my floors. And it left a sticky residue behind that just seemed to collect more grunge. Besides, I got kinda tired of paying for the solution AND the pads, and I started to realize neither was really good for the environment. And then we got a puppy, who licks everything and I really didn’t want him licking up the toxic solution.

Then I saw a commercial for the Libman Freedom Mop. I had just mopped with my old brand, when I decided to go out and purchase the Libman. I came home and tried it and the cleaning pad was filled with dirt when I was done! So much for the Swiffer actually cleaning…

Here are three other things I like about this mop:

  • It has a container and you make your own “solution” or use a store-bought one. I like vinegar and water. It’s cheap, non-toxic and cleans really well.
  • The pads are machine-washable. So all you do is rip it off, throw it in the wash and use it again. No more wasting money or adding to the landfills!
  • The Libman doesn’t require batteries. Just another little cost savings.

I even found a $5 rebate coupon on their website, so I only paid like $15 for the thing! And it’s a much “greener” option than the other brand.

At the end of the day, the Libman mop makes cleaning just a little bit easer. I never thought I’d say that I actually love a mop…


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