A phone call

Life is meaningless, then you die, Cathy thinks. She’s pretty sure she read that somewhere in the Bible, maybe it was Solomon. But for now it doesn’t matter, she just knows it’s true.

She sits on the couch, her body heavy like it doesn’t have the ability to hold itself up anymore. Carlos called to tell her the breast cancer had spread to Lorena’s liver, kidney, bones. Everywhere. She might have a few weeks left. Cathy doesn’t cry.

The people on the tv laugh and make jokes, but they are not funny. The characters fade as Cathy looks beyond the tv and sees Lorena laughing. She and Lorena are children and Lorena is throwing her head back and giggling, covering her mouth like she still does.

In a few weeks she’ll never see Lorena laugh like that again. A tear rolls onto the pillow where her head rests. She closes her eyes and pretends that she and Lorena are children again, laughing and never thinking one bit about cancer.

Courage (via The Pink Pedal)

I read about this young man in a local paper, since they had visited the area over Memorial Day weekend. Four young men, ages 19 to 21, were biking across the country to raise money for breast cancer (through the Susan G. Komen Foundation). One of the young men, John, was struck by a car in New Mexico and died of his injuries last night.

It’s a quiet story, so I thought I’d pass it on if anyone was interested in making donations to the cause for which he rode. Visit The Pink Pedal blog for more info.

John AncarskiJohn Anczarski was involved in a serious accident in Laguna, New Mexico and has passed away from serious trauma to the head.

Rest In Peace. To support the Anczarski family in this difficult time you can send checks to: John Anczarski 111 Valley Hill Road Ashland, PA 17921 Make Check Out To: John Anczarski Forever in our hearts and minds, Rest In Peace John Robert Anczarski (August 16, 1990 – June 22, 2010) … Read More

via The Pink Pedal


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