First snows


first snows
dance in the air
bringing quiet to the soul
the painful death of leaves
crunching underfoot is past
all is made new


Property of Kathan Lewis and Kathan Ink. 
© Kathan Lewis 2010.


From my NaNoWriMo novel

“Can I help?” Charlotte said as she entered the garage.

“Hmmm.” Her father didn’t lift his head out from the car hood.

She stepped up to the side of the old wagon and peered inside.

“Whatchya doin’?”

“Changing the oil.”

“Can I help?”


Charlotte often spent Saturday afternoons in the garage, just watching him work.

“Hand me that thing over there.” He pointed in a generic direction.

Her heart raced as she looked for what he might be asking her to get. Was it a tool from the box? A towel? She ran to the box of paper towels, grabbed one and handed it to him. He looked at the towel and threw it on the floor.

“Not that,” he said, stomping to the tool box. He pulled out a long wrench and went back to work.

Next time I’ll get it right, she thought. Then maybe he’ll let me help.

Charlotte sat down on the step next to him and waited.

Property of Kathan Lewis and Kathan Ink. 
© Kathan Lewis 2010.

The Libman Freedom Mop rocks!

I hate cleaning. Even more than that, I hate mopping.

So several years ago, I decided a Swiffer mop would make my life easier, with the pre-mixed chemicals and the pads that I could just throw out when finished because I was totally grossed out by my traditional mop sponge with all that filth staring back at me.

I was OK with the Swiffer, but to be honest, I didn’t really feel like it did a terrific of  job of cleaning my floors. And it left a sticky residue behind that just seemed to collect more grunge. Besides, I got kinda tired of paying for the solution AND the pads, and I started to realize neither was really good for the environment. And then we got a puppy, who licks everything and I really didn’t want him licking up the toxic solution.

Then I saw a commercial for the Libman Freedom Mop. I had just mopped with my old brand, when I decided to go out and purchase the Libman. I came home and tried it and the cleaning pad was filled with dirt when I was done! So much for the Swiffer actually cleaning…

Here are three other things I like about this mop:

  • It has a container and you make your own “solution” or use a store-bought one. I like vinegar and water. It’s cheap, non-toxic and cleans really well.
  • The pads are machine-washable. So all you do is rip it off, throw it in the wash and use it again. No more wasting money or adding to the landfills!
  • The Libman doesn’t require batteries. Just another little cost savings.

I even found a $5 rebate coupon on their website, so I only paid like $15 for the thing! And it’s a much “greener” option than the other brand.

At the end of the day, the Libman mop makes cleaning just a little bit easer. I never thought I’d say that I actually love a mop…

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