Am I the only one?

So here I am, sitting at a local NaNoWriMo write-in. I’m glad to be here, because I am seriously behind in my writing (already). Not that I am hung up on the word count, but I haven’t been writing as seriously as I had intended these last three days. A write-in is just the kick-in-the-pants I need.

But one thing I notice at these write-ins is that everyone seems to be writing a scifi-vampire-fantasy-teen werewolf-anime-YA story based on SIMS characters.

I write literary fiction. Every time someone asks me what my story is about, their eyes glaze over like I just started speaking Latin.


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  1. Shaddy
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 14:57:45

    I can’t imagine sitting somewhere with a bunch of other writers and trying to focus on writing my story. I just don’t get that. Perhaps I’m more easily distracted than the normal writer. An hour’s drive to get to a nearby write-in is time I can use for other things.

    It sounds kind of fun but not worth the effort “in my book.”


  2. dayner
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 10:10:32

    You all made me laugh. Remind me not to get on Natasha’s bad side any time soon. LOL!
    I am a complete NON-JOINER so I won’t be going to any write-ins but I did sign up for the Night of Writing Dangerously…*biting finger nails* I haven’t even asked for one donation yet though. My rational thinking is that if I don’t ask, I won’t hit the $200 mark and therefore won’t be able to go. Whew!
    I just don’t get all the scifi-vampire-werewolf-fantasy thing, but I have a theory. I think it’s easier for people that don’t have the time/resources to research. With fantasy you can make everything up, you just need an over active imagination. With anything else you need to do a certain amount of research and some people just can’t. Murder mystery-you have to know about police procedures. Historical-you have to do a lot of research about the time period you’re writing about.
    I think some people would rather just make up their own worlds than research existing. Anyway, that’s what I think…
    Of course, that’s not to mention, it’s selling right now so…


  3. Parrot Writes
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 09:52:23

    Well, I’ll try again. I wrote a nice long comment and it went into cyberspace I guess. I don’t plan to go to any of the write ins (they’re an hour + drive away). Plus I seem to need solitude to write, no other distractions or noise. I did notice when looking at the intros from my region there were lots and lots of college and even high school students. I never even thought about writing when I was that young. I seem to be one of the older participants in Portland. Good writing to you!


  4. Parrot Writes
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 09:38:24

    I haven’t attended a write-in cause I would have to drive at least an hour to get to one. I looked at the “intros” on my region and was amazed at how many college (and high school) kids are involved in this endeavor. There are a few older ones (my age :)) but most are younger – way younger. I have found that I need solidude to write, so don’t plan to participate in group writes. Glad it gave you a boost. They didn’t have a genre for my story – its a mystery/love story, so I just picked mystery since that is what class I wrote my outline in. I’m struggling – totally emersed in the backstory right now – which was something I didn’t have completely thought out. Right now I’m trying to figure out when I will have time to go to the grocery store today.


  5. Natasha
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 08:45:15

    At least they ASK you… We didn’t have a local write-in group last year (which is strange, since there are about 200 in the local group this year and a bunch of us did NaNo last year as well).

    I’m older (as usual) than everyone else at the one write-in group I attended, which was — weird. The group dynamic was weird, I mean, not that I’m older than the rest of the world. It was like people couldn’t decide whether to sit and write or to sit and talk, so both things were going on simultaneously.

    Nobody asked me what my story was about. 😦 In fact, nobody asked me anything. Given that I’m writing a murder mystery, this is dangerous on their parts, I think. The young woman who did. not. shut. her. mouth. once. for two hours is next on my list. She’s getting offed in the next couple of chapters, possibly before the next write-in.

    I might have the wrong attitude, but what the hey….


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