Happy anniversary, E.

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, just really busy with summer things and the holiday weekend. I’ll be back in the swing shortly.

Meanwhile, E. and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this weekend, on the Fourth of July. Happy anniversary, honey!


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  1. darksculptures
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 12:40:01

    Rats! I missed your anniversary. Please accept my happy belated wishes. The two of you always look so happy and comfortable together. I imagine you’ll be celebrating many more to come. Tell E. that I think he is a great guy for keeping my g-friend so happy that she beams in every picture of her I see.


    • Kathan Lewis
      Jul 07, 2010 @ 22:07:32

      That’s OK – I think I’ve missed alot these last few weeks – thanks for the wishes! And for the compliment. E. definitely is my ‘better half.’ He really does make me a better person. 🙂


  2. dayner
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 23:28:21

    Congrats, Kathan and E! fourteen years is a great accomplishment. We celebrate our anniversary next week July 15th. Popular month. I hope you enjoyed your day.


    • Kathan Lewis
      Jul 06, 2010 @ 22:08:23

      Thanks! I know, when I say 14 years, it sounds like such a long time! I remember when we were married for 2 years and I was thinking 14 seemed like forever away….


  3. Parrot Writes
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 22:36:00

    Happy Anniversary to you and E! Fireworks every year!! Way to go!! Cris and I got married on 7/11. We are celebrating our 24th anniversary next weekend. We started a tradition of going out to dinner each month on the 11th as a special date – we were both so busy in our working lives – it just made it extra special to have a date for dinner out once a month. We have only missed it twice – once on 9/11 – we couldn’t celebrate that night, and once we both just plum forgot!


  4. Shaddy
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 21:55:17

    We celebrated your anniversary in our town with tons of people gathering to watch fireworks. You sure know how to pick the best date of the year to get married on. Everyone in the country remembers and honors YOUR special day.

    Congratulations to a fine looking couple.


    • Kathan Lewis
      Jul 06, 2010 @ 22:11:21

      Thanks for celebrating my anniversary, Shaddy! LOL

      The hilarious thing is, this year E. and I were talking so much about what to do for the weekend of the 4th, we both looked at each other about 3 days beforehand and said, “We forgot about planning something for our anniversary!” We did end up doing lots, but you’d think having it on the 4th would make it EASIER to remember!


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