Inspired by: Scrubs

If you’ve never seen the TV show, Scrubs, you’re probably wondering how it could possibly be something that inspires creativity. Well, let me tell you…

John Dorian, aka J.D., is the main character of the show (played by Zach Braff). One of his quirks is that several times in each episode, he tilts his head slightly to the right, looks off into the distance and floats into a daydream. His dreams push the borders of sanity, as well as being obviously hilarious (it is a comedy after all).

J.D.’s dream-writer is a genius. He or she perfectly illustrates the semi-nuttiness of the character; yet, every dream makes sense to the point that, as a viewer, I can almost always identify with John Dorian’s fantasy.

Don’t we all wish our writing was that easy? If we could just set off on a daydream and tap into a bit of that craziness.

Next time I am writing a story, I think I’ll do what J.D does: tilt my head to the right, look into the distance and dream.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darksculptures
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 14:14:56

    I just wish I could remember to jot down the daydreams I do have!


  2. dayner
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 21:50:15

    This is inspired for sure. I need a nod off and dream time. My writing has felt more like pulling teeth lately. Maybe if I dream up a little crazy It’ll come easier.


    • kathanink
      Jun 07, 2010 @ 07:22:09

      I know, I seriously love this show because of how over-the-top nuts it is. I often censor my over the top stuff for being too crazy, but maybe it would work!


  3. Natasha
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 13:45:22

    Uh oh to the head-bangers. Tilting off into space is worth a whirl, though.


  4. Parrot Writes
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 12:14:15

    Me too! Tilting sounds much more appealing than banging though! I’m more apt to stare off into space, pen and pad in hand, waiting for the idea to form. If I don’t write it down then, it will be GONE unfortunately.


  5. Shaddy
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 08:24:50

    Why not? I’ll try anything once. I wonder if banging my head against the wall might be even more effective! Who knows what I may jar loose!


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