Friday flash 55

His hind legs dangled from his large body, no longer strong enough to support him. So he lay on the rug, looking out the glass door at birds gathering their lunch, muskrats making their nests and the neighbor smoking on his deck across the bog.

His owner pet his head softly, just behind the ears. “Good dog.”


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  1. dayner
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 22:31:27

    Oh poor Lewis! He just wants to go outside and run. Chase those birds and have some fun.


  2. darksculptures
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 14:14:45

    Poor Lewis. I so want to go curl up behind him. It’s hard to watch them get old. I wonder what he is thinking in that picture.


    • kathanink
      Mar 12, 2010 @ 14:38:04

      That’s what I’ve been doing much of the day. And in that picture, I believe he’s thinking, “Is that thunder I hear?” 🙂 I took at last summer during a storm.


  3. Parrot Writes
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 14:07:19

    Your turn? I may be next with my 17 yr old calico Bella. She’s down to 4 pounds now and not intested in food much. She spends her day on her own kitty heating pad in the rocking chair upstairs. Hard times.


    • kathanink
      Mar 12, 2010 @ 14:37:00

      Yes, I’m afraid it may be my turn. Lewis has something called degenerative myelopathy and his ability to walk has been decreasing progressively over the last year. At 6:30 this morning his legs collapsed outside (I was with him so he didn’t fall) and I had to ask a neighbor to help me get him up and into the house. He hasn’t been able to get out of bed since.

      We knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier, I suppose.


      • Natasha
        Mar 13, 2010 @ 12:22:06

        Oh, Kathan! I feel for you! It is so hard to go through! One of the singers at the coffee house last night wrote and sang a song about his dog dying and A and I both sat there sobbing.


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