Joining the circle

Having been inspired by my blogging friend, Dayner, I joined the Critique Circle today. 

So far, I am totally overwhelmed as to how it works (it’s not helping that I have an enormous cold, making head feel like it’s going to explode).

It seems like there’s an awful lot to read and I am not even sure where to start. I do know that you can get your writing critiqued for “free” by other writers. Well, it’s not completely free, since you earn credits by critiquing other writers, and can then use your credits to get your writing critiqued.

I’m wondering if anyone who uses Critique Circle has some tips for getting started. Should I start with a short piece? Is there a word limit to what can be submitted?

Anything you post to help me get started will help!


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  1. dayner
    Feb 05, 2010 @ 00:26:56

    BTW, have you seen my quote. Check in out before I change it.


  2. Natasha
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 11:48:20

    I joined, but I got overwhelmed as well and haven’t done anything more with it. Thanks for the reminder and, Dayner, for your helpful hints here as well.

    I’m NOWHERE near ready to submit anything though. I should try doing a critique just to see what it’s like.


  3. dayner
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 11:10:27

    Start by reading the Newbie page. I spent several hours reading other crits before I attempted to crit anything. I tried to pick a story in the early stages so I could follow it chapter by chapter. Your first crit will be moderated by a top critter.

    I’m pretty deep into three stories right now. My favorite is “The Morning After Service” by Gracetier. It’s really funny and she’s an excellent writer.

    I’ve built up 12.5 points but I haven’t submitted anything for critiquing yet. I’m trying to build up points and learn from critting before posting.

    I also want to create a nice presence before I throw my writing out there. Some people crit one story then jump into submitting and it seems very one sided too me.
    The stories with the higher word counts gain you more credits also if you crit is less than 300 words you’ll only receive 1/2 credit.

    I think to post your writing it cost 3 credits depending on the word count. If you submit sequentially week after week it cost more.

    One other benefit is it gives you the ability to network with writers from all over the world.


  4. darksculptures
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 08:59:00

    I’m sorry to hear of your head cold and hope you are feeling better soon. That aside, I’m perfectly healthy at the moment and still feel overwhelmed by CC.

    You can contact a newbie helper to guide you through the process, which is what I will probably do.

    You can also join a smaller group if you look at the classified section. I’m thinking of doing that also since it doesn’t look like we will be forming our own critique circle.

    And of course you know you can always email me if you have something you want me to look at. :c)


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