Challenge #2: NaNoEdMo

Since I finished the draft of my novel, The Bended Tree, in November I have been trying to find the motivation to edit it. I’ve started the process by reading a great deal about editing, but so far I’ve only done step one: read my novel once through without stopping or editing. Now I just feel stuck.

Enter, NaNoEdMo, a.k.a. National Novel Editing Month. I think it’s the forsaken stepchild of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), since it doesn’t seem nearly as many will participate. But since I am determined to edit this novel and get it to a place where I might be able to consider approaching an agent, I’ll be logging my hours with NaNoEdMo: 50 total hours starting March 1 and ending March 31. That comes to about 1 hour 45 minutes each day. I’ll be shooting for at least two.


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  2. darksculptures
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 10:48:09

    I’m IN! I’ll be editing Caveman’s Mosaic along side you. Let’s get these novels ready for next years Amazon Competition.


  3. Natasha
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 17:25:21

    It would be nice to have enough of the potholes/plotholes of my NaNo novel filled in by then to actually begin editing it!


  4. dayner
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 15:37:09

    Hum…I may have to consider this. I’ve been editing PE and I hate to stop in the middle. Maybe I’ll focus on a good stopping point by March 1 then go back to my Nano story.
    I find that I’m missing my characters from Anew Embrace. It’s funny, I put it down in early December and now I feel like I’m missing an old friend I haven’t seen in months.
    Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just weird?


    • kathanink
      Feb 02, 2010 @ 17:31:33

      I am. I really miss my characters sometimes. Other times, I am not so sure. But I have the desire at least to see where it might go. I do feel more encouraged after reading Bell, I got alot of good ideas of where I think my story is lacking.

      Now I just have to go back and do it!! 😀


  5. darksculptures
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 13:43:47

    This sounds like a great challenge. I’ll be ready to begin looking at CM in March. But I’m not sure I can devote 2 hours a day with the other projects I have going. Hummmm… must think about my priorities. This does have that certain NaNo intrigue.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • kathanink
      Feb 02, 2010 @ 14:05:09

      I honestly forgot about it, but signed up for a reminder back in December. I think since I am planning to edit it anyway, it’s a good motivator for me. But if you have other important things to do, that’s great!! 🙂


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