Mean Girls – Part 1


Today’s word is sternutation • \ster-nyuh-TAY-shun\ : the act, fact, or noise of sneezing

Delores peered down her nose in disbelief. Though she believed Molly to be a good writer, she gave an audible sternutation at Molly’s request that she be given control over consumer communications. Delores was a second-rate writer, and in fact, was barely above mediocre in every way. But consumer communications was under her control. If she were to hand it over to Molly, Molly might be able to prove herself better than Delores, and she simply couldn’t allow that to happen.

So Delores devised a plan to get rid of Molly.

It was a simple plan, really. Molly was an affable person and most everyone in the office who knew Molly, liked her. In fact, many thought she was better at her job than Delores. But there was one person who couldn’t stand Molly’s agreeable way and that was Ivy.

Ivy was an ornery, gloomy person, and even Delores couldn’t stand to deal with her. At face value, Ivy was pleasant enough. But a cursory encounter with her revealed that she was bad-tempered and intimidating to anyone who dared cross her. Ivy had learned to control everyone around her; everyone except Molly. Molly seemed above it all, almost not to notice what a thorny person Ivy was, and that annoyed her. Ivy was used to being the center of focus and did not enjoy sharing the spotlight with anyone, especially a seemingly unaware person like Molly.

Delores decided during her morning coffee that would involve Ivy in her scheme  and during lunch Delores told Ivy about her plot. Ivy, who had been listening to Delores with great intent, began to grow a wicked smile. It was a perfect plan. If they worked swiftly and without compassion, Molly would be gone.

Delores and Ivy would enact their plan tomorrow.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dayner
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 22:57:03

    I think we all have an Ivy and Dolores in our lives. Hopefully there will come a day when like DS I can say “I hope I never have to go back”.

    Great idea for a writing exercise, maybe that’s something I can use for trying out short stories. A one word prompt might be easier the an entire idea.


    • kathanink
      Sep 18, 2009 @ 10:35:03

      Yes, it’s these characters are also my motivation for finding a way to never go back, either.

      It’s a fun and easy exercise. I prefer ones that are more open ended than some other ones I’ve found. I also like the Friday Flash 55 that DS uses.


  2. kathanink
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 07:32:50

    LOL – I don’t want to say this is non-fiction…but isn’t all fiction based in some reality…?

    Hmmmm, I did this as a writing exercise (use the word of the day from the Merriam-Webster site. It was ‘sternutation.’). But finishing this might be fun!

    BTW, Ivy totally goes down.


  3. darksculptures
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 06:35:23

    Wow this almost reminds me of my last job! Yuck, real work place, I hope I never have to go back.

    You created a great hook, I really want to see Molly crush Delores in the end. Also, does Ivy turn out to be a nemesis, or does she go down with Delores? I can’t wait to see.

    I hope you keep the story going.


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