9/11. Are We Keeping Our Promise to ‘Never Forget?’

4577It’s strange how a certain anniversary can conjur up feelings that remind you of the day. 9/11 does that for me every year. If I think about it, I can remember it like it just happened, moving in slow motion.

A friend called me before 9am (CT) and told me that something had happened to the World Trade Center. Details were sketchy and I shrugged off. It’s a bomb like before, I thought. We kept talking until she exclaimed that a plane crashed into the Pentagon and possibly another somewhere in Pennsylvania. I got off the phone quickly and turned on the TV. I was standing there, frozen, in front of the split screen: a burning Pentagon on one side and a burning World Trade Center on the other. Is this it, I wondered, is this how the world is going to end?

I think I stood in front of the TV for close to an hour, without moving, and was still standing there when my husband came home from his night shift at the hospital. He had been listening to the radio in the car and joined me, standing in front of the TV. Neither of spoke for a few minutes. I didn’t know what to say. How do you communicate so much loss with words?


Let us never forget what was done to us as a country and as a people that day. Feel free to share what you remember here.


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  1. darksculptures
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 08:30:43

    This post was done with much grace and respect. I wanted to write something yesterday, but felt I could not do it justice. I am so glad you had the courage to do it and did it so well.


    • kathanink
      Sep 15, 2009 @ 15:08:49

      Thanks so much. I think back the day after 9/11 and I clearly remember thinking, “I should grab a journal and start writing some of this stuff down.” But I didn’t. I’m still kicking myself for that decision.


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