5k: The Challenge

running womanWell, I’ve done it. I made a decision to run a 5k in mid-October, and now I’m announcing it here. What am I thinking?

Let me start by saying I am NOT a runner. I’m not one of those natuarally athletic people who don’t run for three years and suddenly says, “I think I’ll go for a run!” and comes back panting and exclaims, “I’m in terrible shape… I only ran 3 miles.” (you know who you are!) So when I say “run,” I really mean “really slow jog.” But I got it my head earlier this year that I wanted to start running. My husband participated in the last two Chicago Marathons (he IS  a natural runner, btw) and it inspired me to want to feel the wind in my hair and the wings on my feet.

So I started running on the treadmill at a local gym in March. Running 1 minute and walking 4 minutes on-and-off for half an hour wasn’t so bad! Maybe I could conquer this running thing after I all. But after three months, I could still only run for about 3 minutes at a time. My darling husband – ever the encourager – told me it was great that I was running at all and that I was keeping at it and not giving up. Did I say it’s been his lifelong dream that I would start running?

I finally got to the place where I could run for 5 minutes straight. Woo hoo! I mean seriously? If any of you run, you’re probably falling off your chair in hysterics right now. But I couldn’t get beyond it.

Fast forward to August. I am beyond frustrated and about to give up altogether, when someone suggests I try an asthma inhaler before I run. So I did and it worked (I have a touch of asmtha in the summer/fall). So I broke the 5 minute barrier and was able to immediately get up to 8 minutes (what, did you think I was going to say that I was able to run for a half hour straight?!!). And no, I don’t just get on the treadmill and run for 8 minutes and get off. I am trying my best to do run/walk for 30-40 minutes, three days a week.

After I made this decision last week and told a few people, of course, I’ve had the crummiest, hardest runs this week. So the challenge is on. I hope I make it!


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  1. darksculptures
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 20:19:07

    Good for you! Keep us informed about how it goes.

    I am FINALLY finished with physical therapy, and they have given me permission to join a gym, as long as I don’t do anything Aerobic, or RUN. But I can do cardio, so that is where I will start.

    Now I just have to get off my lazy tush and do it.


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