A Little Dull, but It’s Better Than Watching Court TV

ehow screenshotSeveral weeks ago I discovered that I could make a little money (I emphasize LITTLE) writing articles for eHow. I figured since I was pretty much sitting on my bum all day, I could at least TRY to earn add something to our bottom line and write at the same time.

I’ve written ten articles as of today, and my goal is to write 25 by Labor Day. Since I add them to Twitter every time I write one, I added those links to the sidebar if you’re interested. I do get paid when people click on them…(insert guilt here)…

Note: If you do decide to read them, just click on one of the articles. If you click on my photo on Twitter, you’ll see my profile which has all my articles (this blog only shows the 5 most recent).


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